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anti boredom apps

Some people seem to be glued to their phone . Do you ever wonder what they are doing and what is so funny ? Now you are probably thinking OMG YESSS tell me… Continue reading

If I could go back

You may know that I graduated this year . I passed all my exams which I’m happy about but if I could go back I would tell myself : • Start early I… Continue reading

Hair products I use

A while ago a cousin asked what I use for my curly hair . My product change a lot since I’m pretty new to this . I have only been wearing my hair… Continue reading

It blue up

It blue up van raisafabienne met blue satchel handbags


I think it was last year that I wrote my post on stripes. A few weeks ago I got a mail from asking if I wanted to write a post about stripes… Continue reading

It’s time for change

As you may have noticed I have been experimenting with topics .I just need to find my perfect blogging match . So prepare yourself for a lot of different topics other than fashion.I… Continue reading

Tips for long curly hair

I remember how easy it was when my hair was shorter. Detangling would happen quick and my hair really did not need that much attention. It was easy but wasn’t for me (the… Continue reading


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trend to watch : Choker

The chocker you probably remember it from the 90’s or the beginning of 2000 . For months now I have seen these cool accessories  pup up on my tumblr dashboard . Choker go … Continue reading